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About the study

1974 - I find out that there is another student as well as me at Cambridge University with a similar  surname -  Beckerleg(ge). That leads to an exchange of family trees with her father and others researching the name.

26 December 1989 - my father provides a family tree which is the real starting point for me to try to track the occurences of the surname.

1990 - 2003 - my wife and I research the name using the available records (inc. Latter Day Saints) and visits to the Truro record office. Manage to trace the line of my direct family back to 1700 but there the trail stops.

2000 - another researcher from Bristol provides an extensive family tree.

2017 - retirement means I have the time to re-commence the study. I need to sort out the previous information to provide a relaiable base. Also the availability of information and the use of technology has made the whole process different. My aim? - to see how much of a comprehensive family tree I can develop and to understand the geographical dispersal and origins of the surname.