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About the study

Stories are what interest me. For that reason I have been focussing on family reconstruction through documentation. Every event is captured, but often rather than one type of record, one family is followed through all possible documents, capturing citations for others along the road for the next family.

Variant names

The true variants that are being researched are Beadnall, Bednell, and Bednall. Deviants can be found with only one 'l', and so far only in older records two e's instead of 'ea'. The rest are transcription errors from the flowing script of years gone by such as mixing up L and E and taking the N for a W.

Name origin

A geographical name through two forms. The Beadnell variations are primarly found in North Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland where one can find the villiage of Beadnell. Bednell on the other hand shows up around Staffordshire where surprise surprise, the town of Bednall resides. Those place names are both said to derive from old English: nook, remote place, valley, or flat land by the side of a river belonging to Bada/Beta

Historical occurrences of the name

Maria Beadnell was a beau of Charles Dickens. In a odd turn of events, another member did the make-up for Maria Beadnell in the BBC history of Charles Dickens and happens to be doing another branch of my family. I hadn't found a reference in my little research I'd done up till then other than family stories of 'Cousin Maria' and a family book stolen from the home signed by Charles Dickens.


Though doing this on and off for over ten years, most information at this time has been collected from online sources. I have full information from BC Archives (Canada) as that is my branch of the family... and I live in the same city. All Beadnell/Beadnall references from the 1930 USA census is on file. British records mainly are from the late 1700's through to present as I try and work everyone into family groups from the Census and BMD records which helps to pull out transcription errors and name variations. Other documents and countries information is added as they become avaliable either through online access, kind souls in other countries looking at originals, and currently extreamly rare trips to look myself.