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About the study

The Baskett One-Name Study was commenced in March 2009. I have been researching different branches of my ancestry for some years and for some reason have always felt drawn more to the Baskett branch. I first found my Basketts in Mile Town and Sheerness, Kent. Further delving took me to the Isle of Wight where my GG grandparents William Baskett and Ellen (nee Coppinger) were born. Although I have traced back to John Baskett born about 1768, I have not been able to find the origins of the family or their name before their time on the Isle of Wight.

They arrived in Sheerness, Kent in or before 1855.

They had 2 sons and 2 daughters.  

William Thomas Baskett 1853-1885 (unmarried).

Ellen Ann Baskett 1855-1932. Married my great grandfather Thomas Francis Richards Briggs.

Alfred Seymour Baskett 1858-1923. married Martha Coulter.

Emily Mary Baskett 1860-1934. Married Army man George Nutty.   More information available on family tree.

I have had contact with several others researching a BASKETT branch and I have launched a dropbox in which I have set up an individual folder for each researcher and we share this amongst us.

Variant names

Modern variations: Basket, Baskett
Old variations: Basquet, Bascote, Basuca,

Name origin

The name BASQUET does occur in the register of the Threadneedle Street Church, which was the main Huguenot church in London, founded in 1550. So, if my Basketts came from London there is a chance they could have been of Huguenot origin. This does not mean that all Basketts in England were descended from the Huguenots . I am still searching for the true origins of My Baskett branch and hoping to find where they lived before settling on the Isle of Wight?

Historical occurrences of the name



One branch of Basketts' lived for over 200 years in Somerset, where they grew willow to make 'Basketts'.

Name frequency

At the time of commencing this ONS, in 2009:
Frequency: (673) (number of times this surname appears in a sample database of 88.7 million names, representing one third of the 1997 US population)
English: 1. from Middle English basket ‘basket’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a basket maker, or perhaps, as Reaney suggests, for someone who carried baskets of stone to a lime kiln. In some cases, it appears to have been a topographic name for someone who lived at a house distinguished by the sign of a basket (who was therefore probably a basket maker). 2. habitational name for someone from Bascote in Warwickshire, probably so named with an unattested Old English personal name Basuca + cot ‘cottage’.

Distribution of the name

Maps showing the distribution of the surname BASKETT are available, based on the 1881 UK census findings. Latest results (19Nov09 ) for Baskett, including:
• 681 results in Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
• 637 results in 1930 US Census
• 420 results in England & Wales 1891 Census
• 393 results in Moberly Weekly Monitor (Moberly, Missouri)
• 342 results in England & Wales 1881 Census.


Certificates of births, marriages, deaths, burials; some shipping/travel manifests and a few photographs are in my possession. I have indexed approx 600 BASKETT marriages (approx 385 are on the Guild Marriages Index (GMI) which will hopefully help other Guild members match up their mystery BASKETT with a spouse name. .

Indexing Commenced: Baskett births, marriages, deaths; Wills; Probates; Emmigration to Australia

I welcome any input from others researching this surname