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About the study

Welcome to everyone interested in the surname BASCOMBE OR BASCOMB

I'm Geoff SCAMANS, living in Cropredy, Oxfordshire, England. I started piecing together the BASCOMB(E) family tree because my wife is Liz BASCOMBE.

Her branch of the BASCOMB(E) family descends from Francis BASCOMB who was born in 1689 in Bere Regis. He and his wife Elizabeth COLLIS had five children. Their son John BASCOMB (born 1713) also had a son called John BASCOMB (born 1747) who married his cousin Mary BASCOMB in Moreden in 1768. They had six children one of whom, Thomas BASCOMB (born in 1778) and his wife Ann GUY had eight children. Their first son was christened Bennett BASCOMB in Southampton in 1804 after his grandfather Bennett GUY. He also called his first born son, christened in 1825, Bennett BASCOMB. This Bennett BASCOMB married Kitty Leah ECKTON. Mary Ann ECKTON the younger sister of Kitty also married a Bennett BASCOMB (b1837) who was the sixth son of James BASCOMB (b1811) who was the fourth son of Thomas BASCOMB and Ann Guy. This Bennet BASCOMB was my wife's great grandfather and the name Bennet appears in many generations of the family.

Three further BASCOMBE trees were sent to me in 2004 by Andrew BASCOMBE. His particular tree is the BASCOMBE Owermoigne tree that descends from William BASCOMBE and Christian REEKES. William BASCOMBE was buried in Coombe Keynes in 1629. He also sent me the BASCOMBE Wool tree that was developed by Maggie DEAN who is descended from Robert BASCOMBE born in Wool in 1741. Maggie is the Dorset BASCOMBE genealogy coordinator. The third tree named BASCOMBE Old is also mainly Dorset based although it connects back to earlier generations of the BASCOM or BASCON family from the 14th century in France.

I am now working many separate branches of BASCOMB(E) family trees. Recently I have been compiling the BASCOMBE Bere Regis tree that descends from John BASCOMB(E) born in about 1720 and the BASCOMB(E) Isle of Wight tree that descends from James BASCOME and Ann LOVELESS who were married in Northwood in 1807. The Bere Regis Village website from the link below has census information and maps and photographs of Court Farm where William and Charles BASCOMBE grandson and great grandson of John BASCOMBE lived in the latter part of the nineteenth century. I have just started on the BASCOMBE Fordington tree that descends from Robert BASCOMBE born in 1746 and his wife Mary KEATS. Their present day descendents are living in Weymouth, Bournemouth, Poole, Gosport and Portsmouth.

The BASCOMB(E) family in Wiltshire are descended from John BASCOMB and his wife Ann who had six children. Their second son James BASCOMB born in Trowbridge in about 1804 had nine children with his first wife Hannah RAINS. Nearly all the family were weavers working in Melksham. The decline in the wool weaving trade meant that their second son Thomas BASCOMB emigrated to Australia in 1852 on the 'Surge' followed by their fourth son John (b 1831), their third daughter Eliza (b 1837) and their fifth son Joseph (b 1840) in about 1857. The BASCOMB(E)s in Australia descends from Thomas and his wives Tryphena LANE and Maria O'CONNOR and his brothers John who married Elizabeth ELLIOTT and Joseph who married Mary Ann Cooper MURRAY.

This BASCOMB(E) family tree has been well researched and documented by Marie Palmer, who sent me the BASCOMB(E) Australia tree, and Josie Aplin.

One BASCOMB(E) branch in the US descends from John BASCOMB, who was born in about 1787 in Tadnoll, Dorset and his two wives with whom he had at least twelve children. Following John's death most of the family emigrated with his second wife Ann in 1855 and settled in Wisconsin.  John BASCOMB is the step brother of James BASCOMB born in Turner's Puddle in 1801. John's daughter Ann married John LONGMAN in 1853 and James's son Thomas married Sophia Jane LONGMAN in 1875. Sophia (b 1839) and John (b 1829) were both children of Moses LONGMAN and his wife Ann PARSONS. John BASCOMB has very recently (December 2015) been linked to the BASCOMB(E) Wool branch. His grandfather James BASCOMB(E) (b 1707) may be directly linked to the BASCOM family in the US through a son born in Barbados based on inforamtion provided by Bob BASCOM.

I have recently set up a BASCOMBE group on Facebook

Variant names

The earlier versions of the name are BASCOM and BASCOMB. BASCOMBE has progressively become the most dominant variant in the UK over the past one hundred years. In the US it has been estimated that there are more than 2000 persons currently living with the surname BASCOM and the majority of these are descended from Thomas Bascom who was born in Sturminster between 1602 and 1606. He travelled to America on the 'Mary and John' in 1630. The Online BASCOM Genealogy has considerable information on BASCOMS in the US and the ancestors of Thomas BASCOM.

Name origin

The Online Bascom Genealogy suggests that Thomas BASCOM can be traced back through eight earlier generations to Gilbert BASCON born in France in about 1390. Details of the eight generations can be found by following the BASCOM Family link below.