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About the study

Started as a 'Why don't I photocopy other Barton's information while I'm in the library copying mine' project, the Barton One Name Study now encompasses several inter-related facets. The on-line dynamic Barton Database is available 24/7 and currently displays over 99,000 Bartons and their spouses. The Barton DNA Project is one of the earliest (2001) and largest (~400 participants) such projects where Barton's from all around the world are making strides using genetic genealogy and paper or electronic pedigrees. The Barton Historical and Genealogical Society (BHGS) meets annually in the USA.

Variant names

The registered variants of the name are Barten, Bartin and Bartons. The common phonetic misspellings of Bartan and Borton and the distinct and honorable family name Burton are not included in this one-name study. On the RootsWeb message board there is this charming story: "There is one record, a father and eight sons. In the graveyard where they are buried, all nine men have different spellings of their surnames!"  I'd love to learn what English graveyard and where!

Name origin

The Barton surname in today's United Kingdom dates from the earliest usages of family names for taxation purposes and is said to be a locative one; i.e., it is derived from one or more place names. It sprang independently in several places at about the same time. These places include: Barton-under-Needwood in Staffordshire (some researchers cite Anglo Saxon Chronicle, 942AD, but a careful examination of it reveals no such entry), Barton in Yorkshire, the ancient county of Kent, and in Lancashire.
The National Heritage List for England contains 1786 occurances of the word Barton at

Historical occurrences of the name

AmericaThe Angel of the Battlefield  Clara Barton (1821-1912) founded the American Red Cross.  BARTON DNA Lineage III
America - Robert B. M. Barton (1903-1995), President of Parker Bros. toy manufacturer (Monopoly board game) (1932-1968)
Scotland - Admiral Sir Andrew Barton (c1466-1511) was one of Scotland's first great naval commanders and flourished during the reign of James IV.
England - Sir Derek H. R. Barton (1918-1998), Nobel Prize winner in chemistry 1969.
Australia - Sir Edmund Barton (1849-1920) was the first Prime Minister of Australia.  BARTON DNA Lineage I

Name frequency

UK -In the 1881 census there were 16,207 Barton individuals out of a total population of 24,402,700 or .0664%. The surname was ranked 243rd most common.
USA -In the 2000 census there were 66,622 Barton individuals out of a total population of 269,724,469 or .025%. The surname was ranked 475th most common.

Distribution of the name

Currently records for BARTON and it's registered variants BARTEN, BARTIN, and BARTONS have been found in over 70 countries. The non-English speaking countries with the largest number of locations where events occurred are Mexico and France. The 'Places' page within the Barton Database is found at and at
In the USA the surname occurred about 1 in 300 in the population in 1850 in the states of North Carolina, Kentucky and Michigan. The proportion was about 1 in 1000 in the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri. By 1990 the occurrence was about 1 in 1000 in all 50 states. Currently, some 3,000+ places in Great Britain and 16,000+ places in the United States of America are displayed (using Google Earth) for events associated with Barton men, women and children.


Whilst the vast majority of our compiled information is contained in the Barton Database and our other websites, an on-line digital archive has been started at for obituaries of individuals for those whose death notices do not contain enough information to properly assign to an individual at the present time.