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About the study

I never planed to study this ONS but it came about by a string of events. I first came across the surname in my own family history when I hit a brick wall with my own family links within the surname Bagwell itself. After some time with no leads I decided to look into the name further by doing a ONS within the area that I was interested in. From doing this small area of ONS it became clear to me that I had found earlier families that fitted in with what I knew was correct in my family links. As you can imagine I was over the moon to have finally cracked one of the hardest areas of my family history to date. It was all because of a misspelt name on a birth certificate but with my small amount of research had managed to get the break though. After editing my tree which was on the ancestry website and now a small section that is now also on a private website as well I thought my dealings with the name was over until a year or so later. I was contacted as we all are from time to time by another resercher looking into there family with the same surname. Although I could see there was no links to my own families and his he had like me had decided to start a ONS on the name in his area were he knew his family links were from and had registered the surname with the Guild. We left our conversations there until a few months later. So a few months later I was contacted again by the same member and manager of the ONS study. It turned out that he was not offering new leads or information but due to general life he'd hadn't the time to dedicate to continue the study. We arranged that I would take over the study and he would contact the guild and arrange transfer of the study to me. I knew the family was not that large in the UK so with both our efforts combined it seemed only right to take it on. Although in the years both myself and other resercher have spent on the study not much of it has been published onto public networks as yet. I have been working hard the last year looking at all the research carried out and hope to be near uploading all the information onto a public network for everyone to view and ask questions and pass further information onto the study if relevant. Therefore I hope to publish details of the study by the end of 2015 so watch this space.

Variant names

Spelling variations of this family name include: Bakewell, Backwell, Bakwell, Balkwell, Balkwill, Backwall, Bakewill and many more.

Name origin

The first settlers found within England were in the small Derbyshire town of Bakewell. Bakewell itself is the most central town within the Peak District. The family had once held a seat here from ancient times and were granted lands there by William the Conqueror for their assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Before they settled within Bakewell in Derbyshire they were mainly based in Ireland and were mostly based in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland. Edward Bagwell had a Military Career and had his name changed to Bagwell-Purefoy by Royal Licence. He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the 3rd Dragoon Guards. His name was legally changed to Captain Edward Bagwell-Purefoy by Royal Licence on 5 April 1847 after he succeeded to the estate of Colonel Purefoy who died in 1846. He held the office for Justice of the Peace. He also held the office of Vice Lieutenant. He gained the rank of Honorary Colonel in the service of the Tipperary Artillery Militia. He lived at Greenfields, County Tipperary, Ireland. This family line still remains to this day.


I Have now started sorting though the families and incorporating them into there own respected trees for each unconnected as yet family. The Familys are being arrange by County that were still present at the time of the 1841 Census and there earliest known origin. They are the following trees:

#1 BAGWELL of London & Middlesex

#2 BAGWELL of Dorset

#3 BAGWELL of Lancashire

#4 BAGWELL of Devon

#5 BAGWELL of Hampshire

#6 BAGWELL of Somerset

Any Request for trees can be sent via e-mail in GED or PDF format.


The Following links are for other persons researching part of the BAGWELL ONS and their research database:

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