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About the study

Research into the Austerberry Name started in 1978.

The research has linked every Austerberry birth, marriage and death worldwide since 1550 into one family history chart.

Variant names

Austerbury, Austerbye, Osterbery, Owstaby, Oustaby

Name origin

Austerberry is from Old Norse 'Oestr-by' meaning 'east-place'. It is not uncommon in Scandinavian countries today.

In England it is found in East Yorkshire since about 1200, most early occurrences being in or near the village of Etton near Beverley.

Historical occurrences of the name

John Ostaby, from the Diocese of York, was Chaplain of Cambridge University from 1510 until 1522. He was Librarian and Keeper of the New Chapel at the time when King's College Chapel was being completed. He may have carried the University Processional Cross at the front of King Henry VIII's procession during the king's visit to Cambridge in 1522.

Name frequency

There have only been about 1000 Austerberry births worldwide since 1550.

Distribution of the name

Today there are about 500 people worldwide with the Austerberry name, most of whom live in Britain, the United States of America, Canada and Australia.


Birth, Marriage and Death data is held on every known Austerberry who has lived since 1550 with some references back to 1166.

Data is also held from British and USA censuses, as well as transcriptions of old documents.