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About the study

I began researching and collecting my own family history more than 20 years ago and in the process became a recipient of information and requests from many sources as interest in family history exploded and Internet connectivity expanded.
In consequence I collected dozens of families who were not connected but with whom I felt varying degrees of affinity. I joined the Austin Families of America and the Guild of One Name Studies to foster this interest.

At first I concentrated on the EN version of the name, primarily to provide some boundaries, but this inevitably expanded to now include the IN version.

My website is a report card of the families collected. Most have not been personally researched or even checked; some have simply been found and reproduced so some caution should be exercised in using some of the information.

It is an ongoing project, so far focussed mainly on South East England where the Austen spelling seems to dominate. More recently it has expanded to include counties around Staffordshire where the Austin version seems to dominate. I have yet to unlock the many families around Devon and Cornwall.

Variant names


Historical occurrences of the name

There are probably two origins. Clearly the strongest is the connection with Augustinian Monks from Canterbury.
A second is a possible Norman origin. There is more to research on this.

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