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About the study

The 'Audley' surname One Name Study  has been published in the above websites. It includes:

27 Audley family trees (references by letters A to Z and AA). One of these families trees details the family tree of The Barons (Lord Audley) through it various changes of surname. (Aldithley, Touchet, Thicknesse, Jesson & Souter). The other Audley families typically originated in England (Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, and Dorset) & Ireland, (Galway, Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford) before spreading throughout England and Wales. Most of these families include members that have emigrated to the Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. To a lesser extent Members of the extended Audley family have lived in India, South Africa.  I am always willing to accept information about new Audley Families or additional information about families already included in my study

Information about the Audley surname extracted from the following published documents:

  • 'Audley Pedigrees' by A.L Reade (published 1930); The first Audley 'One- Name Study
  • The Complete Peerage by G.E Cokayne
  • Baronagium Genealogicum by W Segar
  • The Baronage of England by William Dugdale
  • Pedigree Created for the 1st Earl of Castlehaven in 1597
  • History of Chester by G Ormerod
  • Order of the garter by G F Beltz
  • Historic Peerages by W Courthope
  • The parentage of James de Audley by J Wedgewood MP
  • Burke's Peerage ( including comparision between different issues)

Over 140 Photographs of members of 11 branches of the Audley Family. Some of these may be your relatives!! Most of these photographs have been donated my readers of the website. I am always willing to accept more photographs for display on the websites and the aim of the guild is to preserve my study website when I am no longer able to do so

Approximately 100 photographs of places associated with the Audley name. These are mainly of places in England and cover the following counties; Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Kent, Lancashire, Merseyside,  Norfolk,  Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Somerset, Surry; Wiltshire.  In addition these Photographs include County Down in Northern Ireland, and, Arizona and New Hampshire in the USA.

The  names and brief history of 86 people with the Audley surname who fought in World War 1; plus 12 prople with the Audley surname from NewZealand, Canada, and India who fought in  World War 1; plus 7 people with the Aidley surname who fought in World War 1.

Several indexes to help you find to which branch of the Audley Family you belong and failing that contact me through one of my websites and I will help you.

Audley Coats of Arms


Variant names

The only variants of the 'Audley' surname for which I have information is 'Aidley' and 'Adley'

I believe the Aidley surname became a variant of the Audley surnames around 1800 in the Siddington & Capesthorne parishes of Cheshire, ad I believe that almost all of the people with the Aidley surname will be able to  trace their ancestors to these two parshes For more information see Family R on my website (contact details below)

In the records of County Galway, Ireland there  numerous references to the Audley surname however the spelling of the Audley surname appears to be inter-changeable with a number of spellings such as Adley and Addley.  I know of one family now resident in the USA that has the surname Adley but some of their early ancesters are recorded as Audle

Name origin

I believe the origin of the Audley surname is from the village of Audley in Staffordshire England. This village being mentioned in the Doomsday book (1086)

I also believe that there is probably a secondary origin of the Audley Surname in County Galway, Ireland.  This second origin is from the anglicisation of a Gaelic surname.

Historical occurrences of the name

Famous Audley's include:

Edmund Audley; Bishop of Rochester (1480 - 1492); Bishop of Hereford (1492 - 1502); Bishop of Sarum (Salisbury) from 1502 until his death in 1524

Thomas Audley became 'Lord Chancellor of England' in 1533 reputedly helped Henry VIII rid himself of Anne of Cleves and Catherine & Catherine Howard (ref Audley Pedigrees by A L Reade p99)

Hugh Audley the celebrated 'usurer', who died unmarried and 'infinately rich' on 15th November 1662 (ref Audley Pedigrees by A L Reade p195.)


The 'Audley' One Name Study does not have a  formal DNA study. However a small number of males with the Audley surname have had their Y chromosome DNA tested and their DNA test results are displayed at

From this small amount of DNA testing it is concluded there will not be a single common ancestor for the Audley surname.


Brian Audley