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About the study


My efforts will encompass eventually a worldwide study, but for the moment, I will initially concentrate on the English/British Attridge's, working my way to the next 'largest' dataset that I can find. 

Variant names


Misspelling such as Atridge I will include.. I suspect that there are other variants, but until I have collated a substantial body of data, I will hold back from making any judgements.



Name origin


The suggestion from using webpages such as GBName profiler, lead me to have an initial hypothesis that for the most part, Chelmsford Essex England, is a potential place for the locational name Attridge. 

This however, doesn't preclude the progenitor gaining the name elsewhere, moving to Chelmsford and then settling down.



Name frequency


This website suggests that the frequency per million in 1998 is 792. And in 1881 440. 


This places the study in the medium size study, albeit in the lower range. 




Data collected on my side so far :


Census Records for England & Wales 1841 > 1911

Birth Marriage and Death Records 1837 > 2005

London Electoral Register records 1835 > 1965

British Phone Books 1880   > 1984





I myself have had my Fathers and my DNA tested at 23andMe.  And a parental cousin has also allowed me to get her tested. We match to one set of Attridge Descendants of our shared 4th Generation Attridge Grandparent. 

In the future, once I have managed to ascertain the number of branches that existed in 1840 , I will consider a DNA study to run alongside the paper trail.





Attridge Family  - My current blog on my progress.