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About the study

It has been found that six seemingly unconnected ASTRIDGE/AUSTRIDGE/OSTRIDGE families originated in either Hampshire, Wiltshire or Berkshire and a DNA study of men with those surnames is being considered as a way to determine whether any of the families share a common ancestor. The origins of the six families are:

A) Hagbourne, Berks 1677 - later in Sulhampstead Banister, Burghfield & St. Mary Bourne

B) Collingbourne Kingston, Wilts 1721 - later in Shalbourne, Marlborough, Preshute & Loughton

C) Overton, Hants 1757 - later in Cliddesden, Tunworth, Alresford, Gosport & Ashtead

D) Winchester, Hants 1793 - later in Portsmouth & Westbourne

E) Havant, Hants 1795 - later in Portsea & Midhurst

F) Dummer, Hants 1806 - later in Northington, Eastbourne & Goodworth Clatford

Please contact me if you would like more information on these families or would like to take part in the DNA study.

Variant names

Both in Hampshire and Surrey ASTRIDGE families began using the AUSTRIDGE spelling and in Wiltshire an ASTRIDGE family began spelling their name OSTRIDGE. ASTRIDGE has also been mis-transcribed as ESTRIDGE and ASBRIDGE.

Name origin

Possibly came from local place names in Southern England. In Gloucester the change from ASHRIDGE to ASTRIDGE is demonstrated in Little Whitcombe and the change from ASSCHEREDGE to ASTRIDGE in Newland. These place names are candidates for ASTRIDGE origins:


  • 1347 ASHRIDGE manor near Wokingham


  • 1665 Will of Henry Brackley of ASTRIDGE, Bucks proved PCC
  • 1568 ASHERIDGE Common Field, Latimer, Chesham and ASHERIDGE hamlet, Chesham.


  • ASHRIDGE estate North Tawton.


  • 1435 ASSHERUGGE in the parish of Newland
  • 1654 fields called LOWER & UPPER ASTRIDGE, Newland
  • 1712 Ashrudge or ASTRIDGE Farm, Newland
  • 1712 ASHRIDGE Field, Little Witcombe; Present day: ASTRIDGE Road, Little Witcombe
  • 1773 ASTRIDGE Field, Bentham or Down Hatherley
  • 1914 ASTRIDGE Barn, Tan House Farm, Newland
  • Present day: ASTRIDGE Wood & ASTRIDGE Grove near Newland


  • 1276 an Abbey was founded on the ASHRIDGE Estate which attracted pilgrims from all over Europe. By 1552 it was a private residence, home of Princess Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII.
  • 1840-1949 ASTRIDGE Farm, Wheathampstead

Wiltshire/Berkshire (as boundaries changed)

  • 1492 property called ASHRIDGE
  • 1648-1827 land in the Manor of ASHRIDGE
  • 1641-1659 ASHRIDGE Coppice once in Chute Forest. Note a Thomas ASSCHEREDGE of Chytte & Conney (now Chute) is listed in the 1539 North Wiltshire Musters and the will of Thomas ASHRIDGE of Chute was proved at Sarum in 1576.

Name frequency

The ONS database gives the figures of 234 Astridges and 35 Austridges at September 2002.


I have a comprehensive listing of English Astridge and Austridge events from the first reference to the surname in 1579 plus references and family contacts in America, Australia, Canada, the Channel Islands, India and New Zealand.