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About the study

I am an Appleford descendant and am fascinated by this particular branch of my family. I have made contacts with Applefords all over the world and they are all marvellous people. I have been researching the surname for over five years and have collected a great deal of Appleford memorabilia. My own Appleford line is from Berkshire and Wiltshire although the Applefords travelled a great deal and can be found today in Canada, the USA, Australia and South Africa.

Variant names

Appelford, Apleford, Apelford, Eppleford. I have came across a marriage record where the surname was entered as Hapelford and also others where the name Happerfield was recorded.

Name origin

From Appleford in Berkshire and the Isle of Wight. Earliest written occurrences are John de Appleford in 1206 and William de Appleford in 1247. Along with another Appleford researcher I am of the opinion that there is a Norman Appleford line and an Anglo Saxon line. This might be proved or disproved now that a DNA project is being undertaken. To participate in or learn more about the DNA project visit the link shown below.

Historical occurrences of the name

Two Applefords are recorded as Abbots of Reading, John Appleford (1328-1342) and Henry Appleford (1342-1361). There were many Appleford Vicars and Rectors in the 19th century and Patrick Appleford was one of the leading figures of the 20th Century Light Music Group who broke new ground with their popular style hymns in the 1960s. Applefords have been international rugby stars and rock journalists as well as medics. Indeed one Appleford conducted autopsies on some of Jack the Rippers victims. The youngest spitfire pilot in the Battle of Britain was an Appleford. Applefords have played their part in defending our country often at great personal sacrifice. Interesting references to my Appleford family can be found in the Vol XII of the Victoria County History of Wiltshire. M is for Mitten: A Michigan Alphabet was written by Annie Appleford.

Name frequency

There were fewer Applefords recorded in the UK in 1998 than there were in 1881.

Distribution of the name

The 1881 census shows the Appleford surname focused on Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire as well as Bristol, London and Essex. Applefords are found in Australia, Canada, the USA, South Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


Living in Southampton I have easy access to a large number of County Record Offices where I conduct most of my research. I have created substantial databases of Appleford births, deaths and marriages and have an extensive library of hard and software copies of Parish Records. I have built several family trees working with other Appleford researchers.