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About the study

The Akehurst One-Name Study is part of the Akehurst Family History society, the umbrella society which co-ordinates research into the Akehurst (and variant) name.

The Akehurst On-Name Study commenced informally in the mid-1980s and was registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies in 1998.

Variant names

Whilst formally registered as the Akehurst One-Name Study, the study  also researches variant names including Ackehurst, Ackhurst, Akhurst and Akurst.  There is the occasional cross-over to other spellings, for example homophones such as Akers and Acres. These two One-Name Studies are also registered with the Guild.

In the United Kingdom, the name Akehurst accounts for about 68% of occurrences, Akhurst then follows with 26%, followed by Ackhurst (4%), then Ackehurst and Akurst (1%).

In the United States of America and Canada and New Zealand, the Akehurst spelling is the dominant one; in South Africa, it is Ackhurst; whilst in Australia, Akhurst occurs more frequently.


The Akehurst Family History Society runs the Akehurst DNA Project. For further details, visit our DNA Project page at


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