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Apr 172017

The Guild has so much going on, whether that is in person (seminars, conferences, committee and regional meetings) or online (websites, social media, journals, indexes). How is a Guild member to keep up? Why not check out the News where we share all kinds of news with our members and the genealogy public. At the Guild Website simply select News at the drop down menu and then focus on the type of news you are interested in, including

  • General News – all this month using the A to Z Challenge, we are posting an article highlighting a service or benefit found here at our Guild Website. We show you where to find it, how it works, and encourage you to take advantage of it. The rest of year, we post general news of interest to our membership. 
  • Regional News – if you want to get information about the various Guild regions or contact information for your regional representative, check out the regional news. When a regional representative publishes a newsletter or email bulletin you should be able to find it here. A shout out to Guild members Ken and Jean Toll who publish regular newsletters that are quite informative!
  • Committee News – want to find out about the agenda or documentation for a committee meeting? Select the Committee News tab and previous meeting information is available for your reading pleasure.
  • Chairman’s Newsletter – although the Chairman’s Newsletter is pushed via email to all members, perhaps you have missed one (check to make sure your email provider hasn’t put it in the spam folder). This is the place to find all previous Chairman’s Newsletters.
  • Media Releases – when the Guild shares publicity items, shares news with the genealogy community, and/or is featured in the news, you should be able to find it here in Media Releases. If you have something for a media release, contact Guild Member Cliff Kemball, our publicity manager.
  • Features – leave it to our webmaster Kim Baldacchino to provide Guild members with a quick and easy way to focus on 6 of the top features at our Website and make them accessible with a simple click. Right now 3 of the features are the Guild Wiki, DNA Kits, and Guild Seminars. If you are wondering what the other 3 features are, why not visit the Features page found at News.

Between our social media and the News here at the Website, Guild members should always know what the Guild is up to – you can read all about it!  






where to find all the news

features – an easy way to find some of the freshest news

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