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MCG scheme rules


Nominations invited

Guild members are invited to nominate anyone they consider worthy of being awarded a fellowship of the Guild. Those awarded the fellowship shall be known as Master Craftsmen of the Guild (MCG) and are listed on the Master Craftsmen of the Guild page.

The nomination should include a short description of why the candidate deserves the honour. This citation should summarise the contribution the individual has made to the promotion and understanding of undertaking a One-Name Study; alternatively it should identify the contribution the individual has made in supporting the Guild’s activities in an administrative role.

Nominations should be sent to the Guild Secretary at the address published in the Journal or on the Committee page,  or e-mailed to before the closing date, normally mid-late January each year. This is to leave sufficient time for the nominations to be considered by a judging panel representing the existing MCGs, before the new MCGs are announced at the April AGM.

Fellowship Scheme rules

The following are the rules governing the Guild Fellowship scheme:

  • Each member of the scheme shall be known as a Master Craftsman of the Guild.

  • Membership shall be restricted to 50 members at any one time. No more than 5 new candidates shall be admitted in any one year, except that in the first year up to 20 candidates may be admitted as MCGs.

  • New candidates may be proposed by any member of the Guild, and, subject to approval by the MCG judging panel and the agreement of the nominated individual, shall be announced at the AGM.

  • Membership shall not be confined to current members of the Guild, although it will be extremely unusual for a MCG not to be a Guild member. The status of MCG does not convey any benefits in respect of Guild membership or fees.

  • Membership of the Committee or other postholder role does not exclude the member from being nominated as a MCG.

  • MCGs hold the position for life, unless in the view of the Committee the individual MCG has performed in a manner detrimental to one-name studies or to the reputation of the Guild. In particular, an individual MCG should not be removed simply because they have not been active in one-name studies for a while (perhaps due to illness or infirmity) or have not been a recent member of the Guild.

  • A list of the MCGs shall be printed in the Guild Register and also posted on this website.

  2 Responses to “MCG scheme rules”

  1. The FULL list of MCGs for 2015 was not included in the 2015 Register – only the 2 newest awards. Ditto 2014.

    Was this an omission or a change of policy?