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Marketing of the Guild FAQs


Below are Frequently Asked Questions about the Guild’s Marketing Strategy.

Who or what is the Marketing Liaison Coordinator?

The Marketing Liaison Coordinator acts as a communication point between the Committee and various postholders to initiate, invoke and promote the marketing of the Guild

Who or what is the Stand Manager?

The Stand Manager is responsible for organising and coordinating the Guild’s attendance at Family History Fairs and other similar events in the UK and overseas to enable the Guild to be marketed.

Who or what is a National Guild Rep (NGR)?

The NGR supports the Guild’s thrust to expand membership and activities within their Nation. Their principal role is to be the first point of contact and organiser on behalf of the Guild for country-specific activities as well as providing advice on the same to the Guild Committee.

I have an idea for marketing the Guild!

Contact the Marketing Liaison Coordinator or click the links below to contact your NGR:

There is an interesting event to be held – who do I tell?

  1. If it is of interest to the members- tell them! – use the WebForum or contact your NGR/Regional Rep.
  2. If it can be used to help market the Guild, contact your NGR or the Marketing Liaison Coordinator.

I have made some suggestions but they don’t seem to have been taken on board!

Please submit them again to the Marketing Liaison Coordinator just in case we missed them first time around or the situation has changed. All suggestions will be carefully considered and if we don’t use them we’ll explain why.

Where do I get leaflets and promotional material from?

In an emergency some forms can be downloaded for you to print from the Guild website. If you require large amounts please give the Stand Manager or your NGR plenty of notice to get more supplies to you.

What material is available for Marketing the Guild other than Guild Leaflets?

  1. Archer Software have given permission for Surname Atlas to be demonstrated on Guild Stands. Contact the Stand Manager or your NGR if you don’t have a copy.
  2. The Guild rolling display- generated from the members’ database provides an attractive display/on-line register for commercial events. Contact the Stand Manager or your NGR.
  3. A series of posters can be produced and laminated for your needs. Ideas for future publicity are always welcome.
  4. Sometimes “freebies” are available to give away at events. Contact the Stand Manager or your NGR for availability.

Can I book a table for the Guild Stand at my local FHS event?

  1. Please speak to the Stand Manager or your NGR before taking any action.
  2. The Stand Manager/NGRs as budget holders within their Countries are the persons to identify events for their own Countries/Regions. They will decide if the event is viable and within their budget limits.

Can I attend an event representing the Guild?

Please do not take it upon yourself to attend an event “representing the Guild” (other than as a speaker in your own personal right) without informing your Regional/National Guild Representative for the following reasons:

  1. There might be a cost implication- even if an event has no booking fee; the cost of the publicity material, wear and tear of equipment etc does impact on the Guild budget.
  2. There might be duplication of effort and another Guild member might already be attending for the same reason.
  3. If agreed booking/publicity/equipment and assistance from other volunteers can be organised for you.

How do I obtain a Guild Stand for an event?

Please speak to the Stand Manager or your NGR.

Can I have a bigger area for my next event i.e. 3 tables rather than 1?

Each event is booked according to suggestions and knowledge. If you think things need to be done differently please contact the Stand Manager or your NGR to discuss your suggestions.

Is there a specific layout for a Guild Stand?

In the UK and Ireland working in front of the Stand has proved to be more conducive to approaching the visitor rather than sitting behind a table waiting for an interested person to call by.

How do I volunteer to help on a Guild Stand for an event?

Please email the Stand Manager or your NGR or contact the member acting as Stand Organiser. They will be delighted to hear from you.

Can I claim expenses for manning a Guild Stand?

Yes you can (in most instances) but there are constraints and daily limits that cannot be exceeded without prior agreement, see Guidelines tab.

Is it necessary to have public liability insurance?

The Guild has public liability insurance to cover its responsibilities. The Treasurer holds the policy document