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Apr 142017

What comes to mind when you think of a library? Our first thought is a building with books. But this is the 21st century so we also think of online libraries with searchable catalogs and offerings that include books, articles, maps, images, drawings and GEDCOMs – all available to view, download and share. Today, much research can be done and resources consulted online with your library card, all without leaving your home. Did you know that the Guild Website maintains a library and that your Guild membership is your library card?

The Guild Librarian and Archivist is Guild member Peter Copsey (wearing one of his many Guild hats as Peter also serves on Committee, is the Constitutional Advisor, Renewals Secretary, FFHS Representative, and Marriage Challenge Coordinator – thanks so much Peter!). 

The Guild Library has both physical materials (books, one-name studies in paper form, and items such as CDs and DVDs) AND materials in electronic format. You can learn more about what is available by selecting Resources at the drop down menu and then selecting Library and DataStores. Be sure to check the categories found at the left-hand side of the Guild Library’s page (as shown below), including

  • what books are available for loan
  • how to add your one-name study materials 
  • a catalog (or catalogue) search and text search capability
  • answers to frequently asked questions for Members’ DataStores (the Guild Archives)
  • how to set up and manage your DataStores

Be sure to check out the search and text search capabilities when you access the Guild’s E-Library. You can use either the basic or advanced search feature. I tried my Keough ONS surname for the online library catalogue and “newfoundland” for the text search of E-Library material (the search access and my results are shown below).

What will you find when you visit the Guild Library at our Website?




where the Library is and how to use it

my results – what will you find?


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