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2018 Webinar Series – No 1



What We Do: An Introduction to
One-Name Studies & the Guild

with Peggy Chapman, Paul Featherstone, 
Julie Goucher, Tessa Keough & Karen Rogers

The Guild of One-Name Studies kicked off 2018 with the first in a ten-part series of webinars focusing on surname research and one-name studies. 

What We Do introduces the concept of a one-name or surname study. We start with a 20 minute presentation where we take a look at what a one-name (surname) study is, why you might want to start one, a brief review of the 7 Pillars approach to a one-name study, and what the Guild offers the family history community as well as what the Guild offers members. This is followed by a round table discussion with Peggy, Paul, Julie and Karen who tell us a bit about their studies.

This webinar was pre-recorded on December 28, 2017. Future webinars in this series are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month and will be hosted via the GoToWebinar platform (you will be able to register to attend live or watch the recording on your schedule). 


Please be part of the conversation about one-name studies. You can post at the Members’ Forum or the Guild’s Open or Closed Facebook Group. We would like to hear what you think, any suggestions you have for future webinars, and if you would like to present on a specific topic or be part of a round table discussion. Please contact any member of the Marketing Action Team.

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