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Mar 012018

The Guild webinar, Gathering Data which is part three in our  7 Pillars Series. The webinar is still available to view to non-members, but for a limited time – viewing is available until the end of 3rd March 2018, London time. You can watch the webinar and download the handouts HERE

We had a number of questions from those that watched live and will be sharing the answers from the two Paul’s below:

Are you exporting TMG data to tables? 

A from Paul Featherstone:

I can convert to excel sheets, but don’t normally do so, as I use The Master Genealogist as my working platform, for all my research, the only time I use Excel these days it to collect data quickly.

I do use exports for Guild Marriage challenges, as it saves a lot of time.

Q  I’m brand new and just starting my ONS and wonder if either could address approaching people to join on their website to collaborate as a member of their surname. I haven’t yet looked at either site so will do that next.

A from Paul Featherstone:

There is an option on my site to register, but I find Facebook page set up for my surname to be more useful in making contacts, and my newsletters have provided me with contacts all around the globe where Featherstone’s are found. I have people contributing from New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, even made a contact in Argentina.

 Paul Howes then added:

The Howes site at requests help on its front page.  1,300 people have registered of whom about half have shared information with us.

Q  Would you include in your study someone who has a middle name of your study surname even though his surname is different?

A  The technical team from the webinar had a quick discussion around this question and said this:

Firstly the is no right or wrong way to undertake a study, so there may be people who do not include individual with the middle name of a registered surname.  We felt though, that there was often good reason for those situations to arise, such as illegitimate births or family lines that might otherwise cease, so a way to ensure the surname did continue was to give a child that surname as a middle name. However, there are some surnames that might also be used as a first name, and that might expand a study significantly. 

We still have a few questions to answer, so please keep a look out for part two!

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