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DNA Introduction



Welcome to the DNA section of the Guild website. This section provides a wide variety of information about DNA testing for genealogy. Whether you are considering a DNA Project, or you’ve had a DNA Project for years, there is information to help you.

Some pages, including this one, are also available to non-members. Those who are non-members can easily join the Guild to get full access to the DNA testing section, as well as access to the Members Room to learn about one-name studies. Membership also includes our award winning Journal. If you already have a DNA Project, and aren’t a member of the Guild, learning about surnames and one-name studies can assist you with your DNA Project. Non-members will only see in the menu on the left those items which non-members can access. Members who are logged in will see the full menu.

DNA Test Kits

DNA test kits are available for sale from the Guild, to members and their participants, at a significant savings. This member benefit is often helpful in recruiting participants. Members who are logged in can click DNA Kits in the menu on the left for more information.

Feedback and Submission

The author of this section of the Guild website is very interested in feedback and submissions for inclusion. If you are a member and have a report on your DNA Project to be included, or a presentation or published article, please submit your item.

For feedback and submissions, please contact:

Submission Guidelines

For published articles, please first secure the publishers permission to put the article up at the Guild website and request a publisher’s pdf file of the article. Include with your article an abstract or summary, and note any facts mentioned in the article which are out of date. Provide the publication name, issue, and date published.

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