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DNA Experiences: 15 DNA Projects


Three articles are provided below which cover 15 DNA Projects. Members share their experiences, approaches, goals, and discoveries with their DNA Project.

  • DNA Discoveries: Ricketts, Chandler, Creer, Catley, Bolt, Caverly

    This is part one of DNA Project success stories. In this article, the DNA Projects have different size surname populations worldwide. The discoveries are varied, as well as the approaches, and the impact of the surname frequency. From rare surnames to high frequency surnames, the population of the surname worldwide impacts the DNA projects.

    Recruiting approaches and an example analysis of results is provided. The projects covered are interesting and the discoveries are varied and often surprising.

    Published in 2011, the participant counts of the projects are out of date.

    The following projects are covered:

    • Ricketts
    • Chandler
    • Creer
    • Catley
    • Bolt
    • Caverly


  • DNA Discoveries: Phillips, Ulph, Parrott, Blencowe, Sisson, Vick

    Part two of this article with success stories shows how adding DNA testing to your research is an opportunity to make interesting discoveries and discover information not available in the paper records.

    The following projects are covered:

    • Phillips
    • Ulph
    • Parrott
    • Blencowe
    • Sisson
    • Vick

    The following has changed since publication:

    • Ancestry no longer offers Y-DNA testing
    • DNA Heritage was acquired by Family Tree DNA


  • Discoveries for One-Name Studies from DNA Testing: Horsman, Pettypool, Sterry

    This article covers success stories from Guild members who discover new information with DNA testing. Three members share their experiences with DNA testing, how it has helped their research, their experiences recruiting, and the amazing discoveries made from DNA testing.

    The following projects are covered:

    • Horsman
    • Pettypool
    • Sterry


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