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DNA Basics Video


DNA Basics: Which DNA test is best for you?

Author: Maurice Gleason

Maurice Gleason is a Guild member and frequent speaker about DNA. His presentations are informative and entertaining.

Length: 57 Minutes

Summary: This video is an introduction to the 3 different DNA tests available: mtDNA, Y-DNA, and autosomal.

Target Audience: Genealogists researching their family tree.

Many people are interested in doing a DNA test but are not sure what tests are available or what the difference is between the various tests, so this presentation provides a detailed description of the 3 main types of DNA test. It will cover what each test will tell you, and what to do once you get your results. That way you can decide for yourself which test might be best to help answer the questions you have relating to your own family tree research.

Content of interest for One-Name Studies:

A Y-DNA test is the perfect companion to a one-name study.

Only males have a Y-chromosome. The Y-chromosome is passed from father to son, typically unchanged. In most cultures, this is the same path as the surname.

A male inherits the Y-chromosome from this father, and an X chromosome from his mother. The XY combination makes him a male. A female has two X chromosomes, one from her father, and one from her mother.


This video is provided to help Guild members, and is not an official Guild position. The Guild position on DNA testing is covered in the menu selection on the left called “Guild Committee Position Paper”.

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