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IMPORTANT NOTES: If your member number is less than 4 digits, add leading zeros to make it four digits when signing into the site. However, you can use either the 4-digit number or your shorter number when accessing the old site pages (identified by a small grey pop-up window asking you to sign in again).

Also when resetting your password, at the step that requires you to enter your new password the system will provide a very secure random one for you. However if you prefer to choose your own you can over-type the suggested password.

If you try to log in with an incorrect password too many times, the system will automatically block your account to protect from potential hackers. These blocks are generally temporary lasting about 30 minutes. If the problem persists, please contact the .

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Go to the Guild website and click on the “Log in” item in the menu.






Click on the “Lost password?” link. 





Enter your 4-digit Guild member number. 

If your member number is less than 4 digits, add leading zeros to make it four digits. However, still use your shorter member number when accessing the old site pages.



The system will now send an automated email to your Guild email address.  At the same time your screen will revert to the log in page with the message “Check your email for the confirmation link”. Do not try and log in at this point. Ignore this page. You can even close your browser if you wish. 

If you have not received the email within about 30 minutes, please contact the . Do not try to log in again until you receive the email. Be sure to advise the Guild if your email address changes.



Once you get the email it will contain a very long “confirmation link” and some instructions.  Before you do anything else with this, check that the member number is really yours! If it isn’t your member number or you get an email like this that you did not request, contact the   immediately. 

If the message is as expected, click (or double-click) on the confirmation link. If this doesn’t work, you should copy the link into your URL box (at the top of your browser page) and press enter.


ResetPassword2Your web browser should now open this web page. It will display a secure suggested password. You may overtype the suggested password but make another strong one using the directions on the Hint. The “Strength indicator” will show how strong it is and won’t allow weak ones.  Now click the ‘Reset password’ button. 

It is possible to create memorable but strong passwords. This web site has some useful ideas: How Do I Create a Strong Password?



The system will refresh the page and confirm acceptance of your new password. If you do not see the confirmation message, you will need to start the process over again. Do not try to re-use the previous emailed confirmation link as it is valid for one use only. Now enter your Guild member number and your new password. It must be exactly as you have just set it on the previous screens, paying particular attention if you have used any upper-case or special characters. If you can’t get it to work, try to reset it a second time before contacting the webmaster.


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