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May 252015

Dear Members,

Over recent months the Guild has been asked to obtain some Autosomal (Family Finder) DNA kits. We are therefore asking members who would be interested to please let us know via email by 31st May 2015.

Please send your name and membership number and how many kits you would be interested in to

The cost for the kits is likely to be in the region of £70.00 inclusive of postage worldwide.

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  7 Responses to “Autosomal (Family Finder) DNA kits”

  1. They are currently $99 from FTDNA. This is only 64 pounds. Is the postage very expensive, or am I missing something?

  2. They are more expensive in the UK. There is a sale on at the moment and the price is £74.00 not including postage.

  3. Paul Howes

    Once you get to the ordering page on FTDNA’s site and change the country to UK (or any of the other countries I tried) you will see that the price of the test increases by $9.95.

  4. The current cost to buy a kit for someone in the UK is $99 plus $9.95 postage making at total of $108.98. This works out at £71.37. If the Guild price is going to about £70 there is not going to be any significant saving and with currency fluctuations it could even work out more expensive.

    I would have thought it would only be worth the Guild selling Family Finder kits if we can get a better price than this.I understand the Y-DNA kits were bought at a sale price and as a result we get a significant saving (£80 versus about £100).

    FTDNA usually hold a sale in the summer when the Family Finder test is reduced to $89.95. If kits were bought in the sale this would bring the price down to $98.95 ($89 + $9.95) which would work out at around £65. However, with a bulk purchase I would hope a more favourable price could be achieved.

    In principle it would be very helpful to be able to buy Family Finder kits from the Guild but only if the price is right.
    One of the advantages of having the kits available from the Guild is that if you wanted to purchase multiple kits you would save on the postage which is charged at $9.95 per kit. With FF tests you often need to test mutliple family members to get the best results.

  5. Debbie, thanks for your comment. The price I quoted is an approx price. The price is dependant on the deal we source from FTDNA & the Guild is striving to get the best price for members.

  6. Ordered from USA website, paid additional shipping….only have to refuse it once Royal Mail/HMRC presented a vat, duty bill of over £80… Still billed by RM for £8 processing!

    • Oh dear Claire I am sorry to hear this. It is a good benefit for DNA tests to be supplied direct to the Guild and for members to order via the Guild and at a reduced price too.