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Peggy Chapman

Peggy Chapman

I am a recently retired civil servant living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been involved in genealogical research for approximately 20 years to varying degrees. My educational qualifications include an Masters of Library Science and a Bachelor of Education. The benefit of retirement allows for more time to be spent on research and I have also become a member of the executive for my provincial genealogical society. I have been drawn to the One-Name concept for some time and my Messervey branch of the family seemed perfect for this: not high in numbers and with a unique Channel Island background.

Apr 202017

Under the resources tab on the menu bar of the website, (you must be logged in), click on Guild Services and find a list of member services, some of which have been covered.  But did you know about the Newswatch Project, Mentoring, WARP, Awards of Excellence and many more.  Let’s look at a few and see what you might be missing:

  • Mentoring is often what can make the difference between a satisfying experience and a frustrating one.  No matter what your challenge is, there may be a member who can help you through it.  All you need to do is ask.
  • Newswatch Project refers to other members giving a bit of their time to review their local newspaper for Guild surnames.  This is an excellent way to get hard-to-find information from across the world. Check the list of locations and newspapers. 
  • Awards of Excellence is what is sounds like.  Click on this and see a range of awards that have been given to members for excellence in areas such as, articles, websites, books, blogs completed by Guild members.  I like this site because I can access examples of good research and one-name study methods.
  • RAOGK stands for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, a behaviour that seems to come naturally to most family historians, and the Guild is no different. Once logged in, there is a table of Offers and Requests.  The requests lag behind the offers so don’t overlook these helping hands.   
  • WARP is an acronym for Warning, Advice and Reporting point.  What is that you ask?  This is a service that focuses on computer and Internet security alerts related to your email alias and other Guild technology.  All you need to do is subscribe and if anything does become a concern, you will be in the know.


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Apr 192017

When did you last update your one-name study profile page? Does it still contain the same information that you provided when you registered the study?  Or even more dismaying, did you completely overlook creating one in the first place? April is the month of spring and renewal: a perfect time to refresh (or create) your profile to match the progress of your study. Despite many of us having websites that serve as the focal point to the study, there are many reasons why an informative profile page is advantageous: in doing a google search on my own study using the very broad search of “Messervey surname”, the Guild profile page was fourth in returned hits.  As well, anyone searching the surname on the Guild website will go directly to the profile page. I also find it a way to assess progress: checking the profile page once or twice a year helps to keep focused.  If you do have a website, the profile page gives the reader the URL; Facebook groups and contact information for a DNA study is also listed here.

Have I convinced you?  Why not try a few surnames in the search box on the home page to get an idea of what other members are doing. You will find some with lots of work to do; others have enough information for readers to know the goals of the study, what stage it is, whether there is a DNA project attached, and more.  Some members have extensive profile pages that leave no stone unturned!

The next step is to find your profile page and do the updates. I don’t need to give you all the information here because the very helpful website team has provided an excellent tool entitled “Managing your One-Name Study profile page”.  This is all you need to complete and update your profile: once logged in, you can find this information under the Studies tab on the home page.  See the screen shot below.  Just click on Profile Page Help and get started. 


Where to find the Profile Page help

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Apr 182017

Do you have an interest in surnames in addition to the one you registered as your one-name study?  Did you know that through your Guild membership, you can register an interest in Other Surnames?  Why do this when you perhaps have no intent to ever do a one-name study on that “other” name?  It is about making connections: others searching the surname can find you and you can exchange information.  In the surname search on the Guild home page, the “other surname” category returns a result that identifies it as not a registered study, but an interest for a member and a contact.  This has the benefit of perhaps advancing your personal family history and for some, might eventually mean making the decision to register a second study.

There are a couple of caveats: first, if the surname is a registered study by another member, it is not available for “Other Surnames”; second, if at some point in the future a member does register the name, it can no longer be included as an interest.  Where do you find this member benefit?  It is easily accessed through the member options on the home page (you must be logged in): See the screen shot below.  Once you click on “Other Surname Interests”, a simple online registration appears where you can, if you prefer, restrict your interest geographically or by years.  The second screen shot below shows the submission form. 

Only 231 members have taken advantage of this option to date, although they have registered multiple surnames. It is perhaps not a well-known feature, so become part of “those in the know” and register a surname or two!












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