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Tessa Keough

Tessa Keough

Mar 172018

One of the more interesting and difficult steps in a one-name study is determining the origins of your surname. Perhaps you have a surname registered with the Guild, or you have added a surname of interest, or maybe you simply want to learn how to learn about the origins of surnames. Once you start your research you will find that learning about the origins is a combination of history, geography, language and sleuthing!

Join us on Tuesday, March 20th as Guild member and retired Geography Instructor Howard Mathieson presents on analyzing the origin and distribution of surnames through time and space. While Howard’s focus will be on English, Scottish and Irish surnames, his methodology and tips apply to surnames wherever they are found.

You can read more about our ten-part series and register for our fourth webinar is the series by visiting Events > Webinar Events (from the drop down menu) OR clicking on this REGISTRATION link.

Our Guild Webinar Series 2018 is open to the public so plan on joining us to learn more about this aspect of surname research and one-name studies.

Marketing Action Team (MAT)


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Jan 172018

Yesterday, Debbie Kennett presented on the Joy of Surnames – the second in our ten-part webinar series on the 7 Pillars approach to a one-name study. This webinar series, hosted by the Guild’s Marketing Action Team, is free and open to the public. If you were unable to attend the webinar “live,” the recording is available here at the Guild Website for all to watch for the next seven days. After that, the Joy of Surnames and all future recordings in this series will go behind the member paywall as a member’s only benefit.

Do take the opportunity to learn more about the history and origin of surnames, resources to use with your own surname research, and the a bit about how Debbie uses different tools and resources with her own one-name study by watching the recording of her presentation – just use the link The Joy of Surnames.


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Jan 132018

As promised, you can read all about our Webinar Series, check out the schedule and topics, and register for Webinar 2 (The Joy of Surnames) and Webinar 3 (Gathering Data) using this link Guild Webinar Series 2018. Webinar 1 (What We Do) was pre-recorded and is also available for viewing using the link.

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Jan 112018

New Year – New Projects

As we welcome the new year, the Guild welcomes a new endeavor – our 2018 Webinar Series. We hope you will join us on the third Tuesday of each month to learn more about surname research, one-name studies, and the 7 Pillars approach to conducting a one-name study. The topics presented (data gathering, mapping, publishing, DNA, social media, continuing education, and preservation) are useful for one-name studies but also can be applied to family history research in general. 

Why webinars? In our most recent surveys (both the geographic survey and the USA member survey) you told us you want to learn more about methodology and be able to ask questions or get tips on how others go about their studies. In 2018 we will focus on just that so there should be something for everyone, whether you are new to surname research and one-name studies OR an old hand. We also hope this webinar series will introduce the larger genealogy and family history community to the wonderful world of surname research!

These webinars are free and open to the public – so members and non-members alike are welcome. Non-members will be able to attend the webinar live and/or watch the recording for one week after the webinar broadcast. After that, the recordings will go behind the member pay wall, as a member’s only benefit (with the exception of the first webinar What We Do which will always be available).

We are hosting our webinar series through the GoToWebinar platform. A few quick points to keep in mind

  • You MUST register in advance to participate and there are a limited number of spaces
  • Each webinar will have a registration link (simply click on it to be taken to the GoToWebinar website)
  • Enter your name, email address and possibly a few questions (depending on the presenter or topic) and submit your registration. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by email.
  • You will receive reminders before the webinar (usually 1 week before and 1 day before the webinar)
  • The confirmation and reminder email will have information on joining the webinar and, if applicable, accessing handout material
  • On the day of the webinar, simply click on the link that you received in your invitation to join the webinar


****UPDATE: Anyone here at the Guild Website can now use the DropDown Menu – EVENTS and then WEBINAR EVENTS to check out the schedule, topics, and register for our January and February webinars.**** We look forward to seeing you at our webinars.


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Dec 172017

A quick reminder that the USA Member Survey will close in one week. To-date we have received 99 responses (we have 363 USA members). If you are a USA member you should have received an email with a link to the Survey in mid-November (a few days after you received our November 2017 Newsletter). If you received the email, made a note to get back to it and haven’t taken the Survey yet, please use the link below to take the Survey NOW (don’t wait, you know you will forget). If you are new to the Guild since November you may have been missed, but no worries – just click on the link below and take the Survey.

The Survey is a Google Forms survey and takes 10-15 minutes to complete (trust me it is painless). Your responses will help us determine what we are getting right, what we need to work on, and what you would like us to focus on in 2018. Thanks to those of you who have already responded and I’m hoping to hear from the rest of you SOON! 

Tessa Keough (USA National Guild Rep/USA West Regional Rep)

Take Me To The USA Member Survey

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