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Tessa Keough

Tessa Keough

Apr 172017

The Guild has so much going on, whether that is in person (seminars, conferences, committee and regional meetings) or online (websites, social media, journals, indexes). How is a Guild member to keep up? Why not check out the News where we share all kinds of news with our members and the genealogy public. At the Guild Website simply select News at the drop down menu and then focus on the type of news you are interested in, including

  • General News – all this month using the A to Z Challenge, we are posting an article highlighting a service or benefit found here at our Guild Website. We show you where to find it, how it works, and encourage you to take advantage of it. The rest of year, we post general news of interest to our membership. 
  • Regional News – if you want to get information about the various Guild regions or contact information for your regional representative, check out the regional news. When a regional representative publishes a newsletter or email bulletin you should be able to find it here. A shout out to Guild members Ken and Jean Toll who publish regular newsletters that are quite informative!
  • Committee News – want to find out about the agenda or documentation for a committee meeting? Select the Committee News tab and previous meeting information is available for your reading pleasure.
  • Chairman’s Newsletter – although the Chairman’s Newsletter is pushed via email to all members, perhaps you have missed one (check to make sure your email provider hasn’t put it in the spam folder). This is the place to find all previous Chairman’s Newsletters.
  • Media Releases – when the Guild shares publicity items, shares news with the genealogy community, and/or is featured in the news, you should be able to find it here in Media Releases. If you have something for a media release, contact Guild Member Cliff Kemball, our publicity manager.
  • Features – leave it to our webmaster Kim Baldacchino to provide Guild members with a quick and easy way to focus on 6 of the top features at our Website and make them accessible with a simple click. Right now 3 of the features are the Guild Wiki, DNA Kits, and Guild Seminars. If you are wondering what the other 3 features are, why not visit the Features page found at News.

Between our social media and the News here at the Website, Guild members should always know what the Guild is up to – you can read all about it!  






where to find all the news

features – an easy way to find some of the freshest news

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Apr 152017

We spend so much time on our one-name studies – doing the research, gathering records and data, reconstructing families, searching for DNA connections – that we become experts about our surname as it has traveled through time and space. Have you shared that expertise with others? Have you published and preserved your work? I have a Profile at the Guild Website, I occasionally blog about my one-name study, and I maintain my research on my laptop with a backup on an external hard drive. But I had not taken that leap yet of publishing any of my work online because setting up and maintaining a website is just a bit too difficult. Thanks to the efforts of some of our fellow Guild members a little over a year ago, it just got easier!

The Members’ Websites Project (MWP) was designed “to provide a safe haven for members’ one-name study websites.” If a member has registered a surname, it is a simple matter of uploading a website and the Guild will maintain it. These are not static websites as you can continue to add research data, trees, images, histories, your working hypotheses and conclusions – you control the substance of the website. Once part of the Members’ Websites Project, your material can be viewed on a worldwide basis and is available to genealogists, family historians, and those who might find it by googling a shared surname.

There are three types of websites – free-standing HTML websites, websites using Content Management Systems like WordPress and Media Wiki, and websites where genealogy data is imported from GEDCOM files and stored in a common database using The Next Generation genealogy software (TNG). 

If you want to learn more, simply select Resources on the drop down menu at the Guild Website and then select Members’ Websites (see image below). Several examples of members’ websites are shown at the Members’ Websites Project page. This is a great way to publish and preserve all your research and share your one-name study with the world. Take advantage of the Members’ Websites Forum to ask any questions and get assistance from the coordinators of this terrific Guild resource.

I am just getting started with my Keough one-name study website using TNG – but for the small dollar investment (I purchased a licensed copy of TNG) the Guild will provide the server and be my IT administrator – it doesn’t get better than that.

So what are you waiting for? The Members’ Websites Project provides all members with another way to publish and preserve our one-name studies!

be sure to visit the members website

check out the instructions at the left-hand side of the Members’ Website page

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Apr 142017

What comes to mind when you think of a library? Our first thought is a building with books. But this is the 21st century so we also think of online libraries with searchable catalogs and offerings that include books, articles, maps, images, drawings and GEDCOMs – all available to view, download and share. Today, much research can be done and resources consulted online with your library card, all without leaving your home. Did you know that the Guild Website maintains a library and that your Guild membership is your library card?

The Guild Librarian and Archivist is Guild member Peter Copsey (wearing one of his many Guild hats as Peter also serves on Committee, is the Constitutional Advisor, Renewals Secretary, FFHS Representative, and Marriage Challenge Coordinator – thanks so much Peter!). 

The Guild Library has both physical materials (books, one-name studies in paper form, and items such as CDs and DVDs) AND materials in electronic format. You can learn more about what is available by selecting Resources at the drop down menu and then selecting Library and DataStores. Be sure to check the categories found at the left-hand side of the Guild Library’s page (as shown below), including

  • what books are available for loan
  • how to add your one-name study materials 
  • a catalog (or catalogue) search and text search capability
  • answers to frequently asked questions for Members’ DataStores (the Guild Archives)
  • how to set up and manage your DataStores

Be sure to check out the search and text search capabilities when you access the Guild’s E-Library. You can use either the basic or advanced search feature. I tried my Keough ONS surname for the online library catalogue and “newfoundland” for the text search of E-Library material (the search access and my results are shown below).

What will you find when you visit the Guild Library at our Website?




where the Library is and how to use it

my results – what will you find?


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Apr 102017

All during April we are blogging the praises of all the features, benefits, and resources available here at our Guild Website. Over the past two years our brilliant Website team, led by Guild members Kim Baldacchino and Ken Mycock, have been hard at work setting up the underlying structure, adding new material, and migrating/updating material from our old website. With so much construction and renovation going on, at times some of us might feel a bit lost.

When that happens to me, I’m reminded of the Beatles tune – Help. Sometimes we simply need somebody to answer our questions or help us find what we are looking for. If this happens to you, from now on look no further than (cleverly titled) Help, found on the Guild Website’s drop down menu.

Clicking on Help opens up a wealth of assistance:

  • Instructions on how to reset your password
  • All the contact information you need – if you have a specific issue or question, the contact person is a clickable link away AND we have posted the answers to 22 of the most frequently asked questions
  • Video tutorials and guides to help you navigate the Guild Website, set up your Profile, and use the Guild Forums
  • An alphabetical index (searchable) to all new posts, profiles, events, and pages
  • An update on the status of our website migration
  • Postholder and Web Editor guides (or logistics for working with WordPress on the Website)

So the next time you are here at the Guild Website and feel a bit lost – perhaps you need to contact a postholder, or find out where [blank] is, or learn how to do [blank] – know that Help is just a click away. Give it a try!


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Apr 082017

You may have noticed that the Guild took a break from hosting monthly online hangouts. Part of the reason was individual Guild members’ availability to plan and host a get-together and part of the reason was the logistics and quality issues associated with hangouts. The Guild recently set up a GoToWebinar account that we plan to use for pre-recorded as well as live webinars.

We intend to showcase topics of special interest to all those focusing on surname research and one-name studies. The webinars will be available to members of the genealogy public during the webinar and for a limited time after the recording is uploaded to our Guild Website. Of course, the recordings will always be available to Guild members. Hosting a webinar series focusing on surname research and one-name studies continues the Guild’s mission of education, which is one of our responsibilities as a registered charity.

In addition to our monthly Guild Webinar Series (and we are seeking ideas for a more catchy name – so put on your creative thinking caps and help us out!), we plan to take advantage of our GoToWebinar account for the following:

  • Guild members Karen Rogers (Australia) and Michelle Patient (New Zealand) will continue to host their Surname Saturdays Webinars focusing on “Down Under” research
  • Guild members Peggy Chapman (Canada) and Tessa Keough (USA) will host Quarterly Workshops/Meetings focusing on North American research 
  • Guild members Paul Featherstone (England) & Jim Benedict (Canada) will host the Members’ Website Project Meetings 
  • If national or regional representatives are interested in hosting a virtual Guild meeting, they can contact the Marketing Action Team (MAT – and no we don’t have superpowers) for assistance with scheduling and hosting a meeting
  • Internal meetings of Guild subcommittees or teams can also be scheduled and held with the GoToMeeting feature of our account

There are a number of additional ways we can take advantage of our GoToWebinar account. During our internal testing, we have found both the sound and image quality much better than hangouts. We should have an easier time with notifications, email invitations and reminders, the ability to include guest speakers and presentations, handouts and poll questions, and chat logs.

If you have any suggestions of topics for our Guild Webinar Series or if you would be interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise by presenting during one of our webinars, please contact MAT or add a comment at the topic entitled Webinars & Meetings at the Guild WebForum.

And watch this space for updates – we are almost ready to kick things off with GoToWebinar


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