Joint event with JGSGB

Hello everyone. Rapidly heading towards us is our joint event with the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain. Guild members and DNA experts Debbie Kennett and Israel Pickholtz will speak about the uses of DNA in family history research. The seminar is at 7pm on 1st June and will be held at the Delancey Theatre, just a few moments walk from Camden Town tube station in London.

Please do consider coming along. A useful flyer is here: https://one-name.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Pickholtz-Event-Flyer-June-2016.pdf and you can book a seat at the linked URL here: http://tinyurl.com/GuildDNA. Cost is £7.50 for members and £10 for non-members.

Debbie's talk will cover "DNA cousins reunited: Genetic genealogy for beginners"

Israel's talk with be on "Lessons in Jewish DNA - One Man’s Successes and What He Learned on the Journey" in which he will talk about the family reconstruction work he describes in his excellent book, Endogamy, and the implications for those of us using DNA within populations where people tended to marry each other. In Israel's case it's adherents of the same religion, but it could well apply to island communities or, if the rumours are true, Norfolk! If you are attending and want to order a copy of Israel's book for delivery on the night, please do contact him direct at pikholz@one-name.org.

Finally, do tell your friends about what promises to be a fascinating evening.  Feel free to post about the event on Facebook!


Two new policies for members

Conflicts of Interest
The committee has recently become concerned about transparency.  We were surprised to learn that although the subject had occasionally arisen in the past, we didn't have a conflict of interest policy.  Now we do have one.  It's here: http://www.one-name.org/members/conflict_of_interest.pdf.

We depend on our ability to trust other members and particularly our postholders. The greatest protection we all have against anyone having a conflict of interest and acting on it is total openness.  We already have a register of interests for postholders here.  If you ever have any concerns about anyone in the Guild acting in anything other than a proper manner, please do get in touch with me or any committee member.

Complaints procedure
Second, just occasionally, a member will become sufficiently upset by or concerned about another member that they raise a formal complaint.  Our learning from working within that process is that it wasn't friendly enough and if anything drove the members farther apart instead of bringing them together.  A member complaining or complained against might end the process feeling like they had "lost". So we have re-written it to encourage the members to interact with each other and seek a "win-win solution" long before anything gets to the committee.  The new policy is here: https://one-name.org/members/complaints.pdf.


Might want a DNA project some day?

Best to act now

Y-DNA testing can be a useful component of a one-name study. Sadly, however, we have put up the price of our yDNA kits to £87, for the same reason that caused us to up the price of autosomal kits last month: exchange rate fluctuation. The kits remain excellent value for money, given that FamilyTreeDNA's full retail price is now US$182 including postage.

Our DNA Advisor, Susan Meates (dna@one-name.org), tells me that she has recently seen a significant increase in members wanting projects but finding their surname(s) are already "taken" by someone else. Sometimes, the surname(s) can be extracted from the project but there is no guarantee. Sometimes, perhaps she can negotiate a co-adminstrator role for the Guild member but, again, no guarantee.

The best approach is to get a project now. You then decide how much time you put into it. You can just keep it in a holding pattern, and not recruit until you are ready. It costs nothing. You don't have to buy any test kits.

To determine if a project exists for your surname(s), go to this link, and search for your surname(s) in the Project search box at top right. Record how many have tested for your surname(s), shown on the top section of the search results screen, and whether there Is a Surname Project for the surname, which is the 2nd section of the search results screen. Ignore the final section on other projects, such as geographical or haplogroup.

Then, contact Susan and tell her you want a project and the results of the search.  If no Surname Project exists for your surname(s), Susan will take care of everything, and deliver a completely set up project and DNA website, with proven marketing text, and an easy to follow 20 step Getting Started email. Just follow the steps, and you are on your way to success!

If your surnames are already taken, then Susan will evaluate the situation, and tell you your options.

So, if you might want a project some day, it is smart to act now, to avoid future disappointment.


And finally . . .

JM, our new Journal editor is getting ready to send his first magazine to print and is asking whether anyone has any articles they'd like to submit for future editions. If you'd like to talk with him about an idea, by all means write to him at editor@one-name.org.

I see that Rootstech is calling for presentations. If you'd like to consider joining the growing list of Guild presenters at this huge conference in Salt Lake City in February 2017, take a look at this page, where you can see that proposals must be submitted during the first two weeks of June.

I also noticed from our Rootsweb mailing list that an anonymous "tooth fairy" has been sending articles from newspapers to surprised members whose study names appeared in certain English newspapers. Thank you, whoever you are! If anyone else is inspired to do something similar check out the Guild's Newswatch project.

Best to all