Chairman's newsletter #10 - First news for 2016                                            

Annual conference in Birmingham

Hello everybody.  Most of January is behind us already and our conference is hurtling toward us. Remember the dates: April 1-3. For members in the UK and beyond, this is your best chance of the year to interact with others with the same obsession. I note we have had bookings already too from people in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the USA, which is terrific.

Please consider joining us. You can find full details here: together with links to booking forms and so on.  

You may recall too that we're planning on offering events on the days between our conference and the start of Who Do You Think You Are? Live. I know the conference organizers have been working very hard on this and expect to be able to make an announcement very soon.

And while we are on the topic of conferences, let's talk about . . .


Hurtling toward us even faster is RootsTech 2016, the largest genealogy event in the world.  This will take place February 3-6 in Salt Lake City and this year the Guild will have a stand in the Exhibitors' Hall. Several Guild members are speaking at this event and we have eight members who have already agreed to work on our stand. Are you going to RootsTech? Can you help on the stand too? Do you live locally and would perhaps like to meet other Guild members for dinner one evening? If your answer to any one of these is yes, please do let me know at


Volunteering . . . . please

In some ways our organization is very strong: we finished 2015 with 418 new members and 15 others who rejoined, easily eclipsing the prior record. January may well be a record for new members too.

In other ways, though, I'm beginning to be concerned at how difficult it is getting to find volunteers.

Our Journal editor is about to finish his term and as yet we have found no-one to replace him. Simply, no editor means no Journal. Is there anyone out there with a little time to spare, please? We'd be happy to have a small team (hint!) if you have some skills that might help.

As I said last month please do look through the sheets of paper which arrived with the latest Journal and give some consideration to whether you might be able to help with the running of the Guild in any way at all. It might be for a specific role or in a general way. Don't worry if someone is already doing that job - they might be wanting to move on or the job might have grown with the number of members to the point where a second person would be a real help.

If you would like to chat about taking on any role, by all means contact Peter Hagger, our volunteers co-ordinator, at or me at


Suspension of Member

The committee, as trustees, is charged with preserving the long-term interests of the Guild.  Early in 2015 we became aware that a member had copiesome of our members' handbook, a substantial proportion of our 7 Pillars of Wisdom (The Art of One-Name Studies) book and our wiki (produced by and for our members' own use) for non-personal use and without asking for prior permission.  After an exchange of solicitors' letters the Committee decided to suspend the member concerned for a period of two years.  We do not intend to name the member concerned and we ask members not to speculate.


Guild Gear

The first batch of Guild shirts have arrived from our suppliers and been dispatched to members in good time for the upcoming Alwalton Seminar on February 13.

It’s not too late if you would like to own one of these too, the next order will be going to our suppliers for delivery at Conference/WDYTYA.

A separate notification will be made shortly that will once again include the ordering process.  So watch out for details!